Momentum is growing toward future facility growth at WCS, including the vision for a newly renovated sports complex. We need the support of donors, alumni, friends, and families in order to meet our goal and accomplish the vision we have for our school and community. Help us bring this collective goal to reality by showing your support.

Sword Tracker

Use our Sword Tracker to get updates on how much has been raised so far. Our goal is $850k, which will allow us to install field turf, bleachers & a press box to complete the renovation phase.

Turf Field

Field turf will benefit several teams and groups. It will provide a durable surface all year round with no damage to the field during poor weather.

Football and a stadium - that's great. How about raising funds for an actual middle school or high school building?
This is a great question…school leadership is currently assessing all options for new facilities. Understanding all aspects of building new schools, steps are currently being taken to solidify plans and prepare for such an undertaking. Carefully executing this process will then allow our leaders to address our facility to ensure a successful campaign. In the meantime, completing the renovation phase of this project with serve to build momentum for future school and facility growth – momentum vital to establishing this plan and seeing it come to fruition.

When will Worthington Christian field a varsity football team?
On October 6, 2012, 23 7th and 8th grade young men took the field for WCS in the school’s first football game. In the fall of 2013, a high school junior varsity team will be added, and a varsity team will take the field in the fall of 2014.

Are we in a league, and if not are there plans to join one?
Currently, WCS compete as an Independent school in the Ohio High School Athletic Association. Worthington Christian staff is actively seeking league membership in leagues around Central Ohio. Adding football will open more doors to further discussions with leagues around the area.

Why do we need to make stadium renovations?
Stadium renovations are necessary for several reasons. It is imperative, given the number of teams we have using the current field, to replace the grass with artificial turf in order to ensure a playable field. The current bleachers are also not up to code as they do not currently offer wheelchair accessibility and need to be renovated in order to correct this. Obviously, renovations to the field and bleachers will benefit all of our outdoor athletic programs, not just football. At the same time, all of these activities will be centralized. In addition, the vision for our renovated outdoor complex will accomplish the goal of creating an outdoor sports complex that matches the welcoming atmosphere and overall quality of our indoor facilities, the R. Fred Hogue Center - a state of the art indoor athletic and recreation facility.

What are the stadium renovation priorities?
The school leadership team, with the help of a steering committee, has determined that artificial field turf as well as bleacher renovations are the top priorities, and would have the most far reaching benefit to all of the programs, coaches, students and families.

When will the construction on the stadium begin?
Construction will begin once all dollars to complete each phase has been raised. Our initial goal for the renovation phase is to begin construction on an artificial turf field by January of 2014.

How will these additions to Worthington Christian benefit students and families outside of the football program?
Artificial turf will benefit students and families involved in soccer, cheerleading, and baseball. Additionally, artificial turf and an updated bleacher/press box system coordinated with school colors and logos will be a tremendous marketing tool for the school. An all-in-one building will benefit all of the programs above as well as other outdoor programs such as tennis. Some other benefits include no longer having to use Porta-John’s to use the restroom and teams having an indoor space before, during and after games.

How can Alumni get involved?
The Warrior Walk is a great way for past, present and future WCS graduates to be recognized while also supporting the school. The Warrior Walk will be located at the stadium entrance and will be a great gathering place prior to, during and after events.

WCS football kicked off this fall with a middle school team. Click here for some photos.